Advertising a beauty salon on the Internet. How to do it right?

16 October 2020

Poles pay more and more attention to their appearance and are more and more willing to use beauty services. The clients of salons are not only women, but more and more often men. This trend was undoubtedly contributed to by the increase in GDP, which resulted in the development of the broadly understood beauty industry and the emergence of many entities providing cosmetic services. According to CEIDG data, over 140,000 companies operate in Poland. hairdressing and beauty salons. 90% of them are micro-enterprises which, after a period of dynamic growth in the industry, faced many unexpected challenges. Numerous competition, additional restrictions imposed by sanitary services and growing customer expectations mean that beauty salon owners have to fight harder than ever for customers' attention. Since most purchases of products and services begin or end online (even if the service is already provided offline), advertising a beauty salon on the Internet has become more than necessary.

From the article you will learn:  

  • why advertising a beauty salon is necessary to succeed in a competitive market;
  • what is the promotion of a beauty salon?
  • how to promote a beauty salon and how to do it well

Marketing of a beauty salon — why is it worth it?

The way they see you, that's how they write you. This saying is as valid for customers who want to feel and look good after a visit, as it is for beauty salons themselves, which must ensure proper visibility both online and offline. In order to be noticed and attract the attention of Internet users, it is necessary to use marketing techniques. Moreover, it is not enough to simply advertise your salon, you have to do it in the right way.

Currently, no one is surprised by the fact that before a customer crosses the threshold of a salon, store or other service point, he or she looks for information about it on the Internet. When making a choice, the following factors are taken into account: opinions, recommendations, distance from home or work.

Search trend chart for an example entry related to beauty services "laser hair removal" shows that over the years, the popularity of searching for information on this topic on Google has been steadily increasing.

Example: Google Trends chart for the phrase laser hair removal.

After entering this phrase in the search engine, you can also see how much competition there is in this industry (over 5.5 million results) and how many actions can be taken to be present online and to make the promotion of the beauty salon effective.

Marketing a beauty salon in a search engine includes:

  • presence in paid search results - Google Ads;

Example: Google paid search results for the phrase laser hair removal.

  • presence in local search results - local positioning of a beauty salon;

Example: Local Google search results for laser hair removal.

  • presence in natural (organic) search results - positioning of the website of a beauty salon.

Example: Organic Google search results for the phrase laser hair removal.

Using marketing tools for a beauty salon is a direction worth taking to reach new customers, break through with your offer among numerous competitors, and systematically build a strong and trustworthy brand.

Website of a beauty salon

As in many other industries, a website is also crucial here. Having a functional, well-planned website will not only be a showcase and a source of information for customers, but will also have a positive impact on the promotion of the beauty salon using other online tools.

A good website of a beauty salon, appreciated by both the customer and Google, is one that:

  • is mobile friendly;
  • is rich in content — both written and visual (photos, videos, graphics);
  • is clear and transparent;
  • allows for quick contact with the salon;
  • is a source of knowledgeabout the offer and available treatments.

Example: Healthy Beauty beauty salon website available on computer and smartphone.

The effectiveness of a beauty salon website can be additionally increased by:

  • team presentation;
  • online registration;
  • customer opinions
  • SSL certificate.

Example: Subpages of the Healthy Beauty beauty salon website: team, offer and online registration, opinions.

If you have a website, but it is not generating customers, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. After visiting the website, do you feel like making an appointment at the salon?
  2. Was the website attractive enough to gain your trust?
  3. Will you entrust your appearance to the specialists of this salon?

If the answer was NO at least once, is it a sign that it's time for a change?

What content should be included on a beauty salon's website? In addition to the location of the salon, contact details and the offer, the website may include tabs such as:

  • blog;
  • gallery;
  • FAQ;
  • metamorphoses;
  • expert advice
  • online store with cosmetics used by the salon during treatments.

Example: A tab with articles and tips on the website of the Beauty Salon.

All these elements do more than just enrich the content of the page for the user. The advantage of having them in terms of online marketing is to strengthen the position of the website in Google, which is "liked". websites rich in valuable content, saturated with key phrases and responding to the needs (queries) of the user.

SEO strategy and local positioning of a beauty salon

Continuing the topic of positioning a website in search results smoothly, we move on to SEO strategy. The strategy is inextricably linked to the position on the results list that the salon's website will take in response to the user's query entered in the Google window. In the case of beauty salons, positioning will mainly concern local activities, because customers most often choose salons that are located in the immediate vicinity. Acting without narrowing down the location, the costs incurred to promote the salon may be too high in relation to the expected effects (e.g. in the form of an influx of new customers).

What is this SEO strategy? The idea is that the content of the website should include key phrases important for our recipients and related to the scope of services provided, e.g. for a salon specializing in beauty care, located in Warsaw, it will be important, among others, phrase "cavitation peeling Warsaw". The highest on the list of results of such a query will appear companies that:

  • they used this phrase on the website,
  • are located in the selected location,
  • have been deemed worth recommending by Google.

What's more, if the salon has a business listing on Google My Business, it will be marked in the appropriate place on Google Maps.

Example: Local Google search results for the phrase cavitation peeling Warsaw.

Example: Google Map showing beauty salons offering cavitation peeling in the area.

When positioning yourself in a search engine, it is worth paying attention to the seasonality of the beauty offer. The Christmas or New Year period encourages people to buy gifts or make resolutions to take care of their appearance. If, for example, your salon offers the possibility of purchasing gift vouchers, it is worth selecting related key phrases in advance and planning appropriate content activities.

Page positioning is not only about supplementing the content with key phrases, it is also:

  • ensuring appropriate technical configuration,
  • appropriate metadata descriptions
  • technical preparation of the website in accordance with the criteria taken into account by the search engine (page loading speed, structure of pages and subpages, having external and internal links).

Google Ads advertisement for a beauty salon

An important element of beauty salon promotion is Google Ads advertising. The advantages of this form are: appearing at the top of the search results list and quickly reaching customers. Although an advertising campaign on Google is an attractive form, the competition in this field is also high. In order not to allocate huge budgets for this purpose, you should properly plan your promotional campaign, taking into account a number of factors, such as:

  • campaign goal;
  • well-defined keyword phrases;
  • targeting (defining the appropriate group of recipients);
  • campaign duration.

An additional advantage of an Ads campaign is the ability to supplement it with extras: location, telephone number, information about prices, discounts, promotions. Such advertising extensions allow you to stand out among competing sponsored links and encourage the user to familiarize yourself with the salon's offer.

Example: Additional elements (extensions) of a Google Ads ad.

Promotion of a beauty salon on social media and influencer support

What else can you do to invite Internet users to your beauty salon? Broadly understood social media activities will be a perfect complement to online activities. What I mean here is both maintaining the salon's profile on selected social channels and cooperating with influencers. Appropriate social media for promoting the salon will probably be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, but also YouTube or Tik Tok, which is becoming increasingly popular among young people. These media (especially for the beauty industry) have enormous advertising potential that cannot be underestimated. Additionally, social profiles can also be well positioned by Google.

Regardless of which channel you choose, remember:

  • systematic posting of content;
  •  replying to messages and comments; 
  • attractive presentation of posts
  • maintaining authenticity.

Example: Instagram profile of the Cosmeo beauty salon

An excellent channel for reaching potential customers of a beauty salon is cooperation with influencers who, in exchange for a free package of services, a set of cosmetics, or another form of remuneration, can recommend the salon on their social channels, post photos, recommendation, place a blog entry and thus significantly expand the group of your potential recipients. An additional benefit of this type of activities is building customer trust in the brand.

Regardless of whether you run a large beauty salon and employ a group of specialists, or you run a one-person service business in the beauty industry, you can succeed. The beauty services industry is very broad and constantly developing. The key is, of course, the highest level of services provided, but often it is not enough. Thanks to additional marketing activities, promotional strategy and online advertising of the beauty salon, you have a chance to reach a wider group of potential customers and build a strong position of your brand.

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