How to use your SEO agency most effectively?

13 July 2015

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in our country. With almost 97% of market share, it is a major source of traffic and therefore revenue for some major websites. Therefore, when you decide to conduct promotional activities in natural search results, you must be sure that the SEO agency will do its job well. How to cooperate with an agency? What should you pay attention to so that joint activities contribute to achieving the intended goals? Here are some tips

1. Play with the agency until one goal

Let's start with the fact that effective cooperation between the client and the agency can only take place when both parties have a common goal. You need to know why you are hiring an agency and what you want to achieve. Already at the search stage, you will encounter many approaches to cooperation, but remember that a good business partner will want to know your project expectations and the target group, i.e. your clients. He will certainly also ask about the budget you can allocate for the project and ask to see the statistics of your website. All this will allow you to determine the real results that you will be able to achieve together. Don't be afraid, a reliable agency will offer solutions that will have a positive impact on the development of your business.

2. Focus on cooperation and deepening your knowledge

Cooperation is another element without which it is impossible to talk about a successful project. Remember that both on-site and off-site activities may require your involvement. Implementing recommendations for website optimization will usually not be possible without a programmer or someone familiar with your CMS. Often, link building or content marketing activities will require your help, providing necessary information or sending a few e-mails. Don't be scared if the documents sent by the SEO agency seem like "black magic" to you. Appropriate education is another element you should expect from a good agency.

3. Don't be afraid to ask

It is crucial to understand SEO issues and the activities that will be implemented as part of the project. So don't hesitate to ask questions, even if they seem trivial to you. Of course, I would advise against bombarding specialists with dozens of emails or phone calls a day. After all, we also need to have time to implement activities related to your project

4. Stick to the deadlines

You must be aware that during the duration of the SEO project, which usually lasts at least 12 months, a good agency will provide you with recommendation documents. The changes suggested therein should be implemented in a timely manner so that the goal set at the beginning of the project can be achieved. Timely implementation of activities is also very important, both on the part of the agency and the client. If the agency makes a commitment to complete a specific job by a given date, do not hesitate to enforce it. Remember, however, that the agency requires exactly the same from you. Of course, let's not go crazy. If a document with recommendations appears in your e-mail a day after the deadline, it will not cause the project to collapse. However, if this situation occurs repeatedly, talk to the person responsible for the project on the agency's side. The most important thing is to respect each other's time and the results will certainly be better.

5. Establish a good relationship with the project supervisor

One of my favorite parts of any project is the client contact. Exchange of information and cooperation in achieving the intended goal means that the specialist's work is not monotonous. In a good agency, you should have your own project supervisor. I'm not talking about an account manager who is with you from the beginning to the end of the project. You should have your own SEO specialist assigned to answer your questions and help resolve technical issues. Thanks to this, you will always be sure that the person you are talking to knows everything about your project and will help you achieve the desired results.

6. Expect accurate reports

An inherent element of every SEO project is reporting of activities performed and results achieved. Regardless of whether you bill for keyword positions, an increase in the number of visits from natural search results, or you have chosen a different cooperation model, expect clear and, above all, transparent reports from your agency. A good agency will not hide anything, pleaseshares information with you about, for example, the links obtained.

Regardless of whether you bill for keyword positions, an increase in the number of visits from natural search results, or you have chosen a different model of cooperation, expect clear and, above all, transparent reports from your agency. w.”

7. Get involved in the implementation of the project

SEO activities involve continuous optimization and cooperation between the client and the agency. Therefore, you cannot treat them as something that is solely the responsibility of the specialists you pay. Talk and discuss the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Don't limit yourself to standard activities. A good way to develop the best solutions are joint meetings and telephone calls, during which you will be able to talk about the project and further plans for its development.

What is the path to success?

To make the client-agency cooperation fruitful, become business partners. First of all, you must set realistic project goals together and then strive to achieve them. As a client, they require conscientious work, meeting deadlines, but also keep them yourself. Mutual respect, respect for time and, above all, exchange of information is the recipe for successful cooperation with any agency, not only SEO.

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