Marketing and advertising of dental offices

13 October 2020

Dentists are very talkative people. They often start chatting with the patient when he is already sitting in the chair with his mouth open and filled with lignin. Perhaps that is why, if someone wants to get some information about a dentist, they usually do it before they enter the office. And where does he look for this knowledge? On the Internet, of course. To stand out from the numerous and dynamic competition, it is worth taking the first steps towards marketing and advertising your dental office.

From the article you will learn:

  • why the use of dental marketing is currently not necessary but necessary;
  • Is advertising a dental office allowed?
  • what elements make up the marketing of a dental office.

The dental services market, like the entire health care category, is constantly growing. This is certainly influenced by the huge share of the private sector, which amounts to 80%. Growing GDP, low National Health Fund expenditure on dentistry and Poles' belief in the higher quality of services paid for out-of-pocket mean that patients increasingly decide to use private dental care (in 2018, it was 69% of patients). In 2019, PMR forecast that in 2019-2024 < strong>the growth of the dental services market will remain at 7% per year, which undoubtedly encouraged doctors to open their offices, and competition on the market became very high. Even though the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the situation of the entire economy and caused a downturn on the dental market, the industry is slowly recovering. You can read more information about future forecasts, among others: in the PMR report Impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the dental market in Poland 2020. As a result of numerous competition and difficulties caused by the pandemic, owners of private dental offices are asking themselves: how to fight for patients in this difficult time and what to do to avoid being put on the list for closure? ?

Advertising a dental office — yes or no?

As in other industries in the medical sector, advertising of dental practices is prohibited. The advertising ban is regulated by applicable regulations. Article 14(1) 1 of the Act of 15 April 2011 on medical activities specifies that the entity performing medical activities makes public information about the scope and types of health services provided. The content and form of this information cannot constitute advertising. Does this mean that dental offices cannot take any actions to promote their activities? Of course they can, and what's more, they do it. The competition at Google is very high here. Just enter any phrase related to the industry into the search engine and we can already see how many activities are undertaken by dentists or the agencies representing them.

So what's the deal with advertising offices? Let me explain. The law prohibits doctors of all specialties from advertising their activities directly. It is prohibited to induce or encourage the purchase of this type of services. What the law does not prohibit is informing potential patients, e.g. about the location of the office, opening hours, contact details, offer and prices, etc. Now that we know that advertising is prohibited, but informing patients is allowed, let's move on to the elements ;in dental marketing, which can be used to become known to patients.

Check the Case Study of SEO activities & Content for a dental clinic

  • Number of phrases in TOP3 - 62 ? +6100%
  • Number of phrases in TOP10 - 274  ? +1590%
  • Number of phrases in TOP50 - 1687 ? + 2577%

The chart below shows the number of keywords in the TOP10 of

Dentist office marketing — the most important elements

Local positioning of a dental office

When a dentist is needed, time, price and distance are important to the patient. In our everyday life, we often want the office to be close to home or work, especially when the matter is sudden and urgent. In such cases, the patient's salvation is a local search. If you wantIn order for patients from the immediate area to go to your waiting room and not another office just around the corner, you must be present on the virtual map. How to let Google know where to find you? Create a virtual Google My Business listing for your business or clinic and mark your location.

Secondly, when creating content, remember to include phrases related to the location, e.g. "dentysta Łódź", "pogotowie stomatologiczne Tarn".

Example: Local search results for the phrase "dental emergency service Tarn".

Dental office website

Regardless of whether you run a one-person dental practice or represent a large dental clinic, you must have your own website. Such a website gives owners a whole range of opportunities to promote the facility, but above all, a space to inform patients about all aspects of your business.

Okay, but what should be on this page? First of all, basic information, such as: description of the office's activities and specializations, location, opening hours, contact details, registration information or the possibility of online registration. Patients are still willing to make telephone reservations. In addition to choosing the date of the visit, they then have the opportunity to ask about other issues that are important to them. Make sure your phone number is clearly visible on the website. Is that enough? This is certainly a good start, but still not enough to break through the thicket of millions of offers from competing offices and clinics.

Your website should present your profile, achievements and awards. If you have a clinic, your staff cannot remain anonymous either. Nobody wants to give up their health and a lot of money in unknown hands. Provide the patient with a minimum of comfort by presenting individual doctors on the website along with a description of their education and skills.

Example: Presentation of a team of doctors on the website of the Nova Estetica dental clinic


A good idea is to post photos of dentists and the office itself. While stock photos may not do much harm in other industries, in your case, they must be authentic.

If your office enjoys the trust and good opinion of patients or has won awards or distinctions, do not hesitate to present it on the website.

Example: Presentation of distinction on the website of the Cichoń Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Center

Don't forget about the youngest, they also often need help from a dentist, orthodontist, as well as preventive caries treatment. Parents are the ones who look for the best dental care for their children. So show your parents that your office is a friendly place and that you will take care of children's positive experiences like no other. It is worth presenting on the website how the first and subsequent visits of a small patient go, as well as what methods you use to alleviate the stress related to treatment for children.

Example: Information for parents of young patients on the Nickula Dental Clinic website

The description of your offer, service standards, price list, content introducing the staff and the dental clinic itself should also be rich in keywords, i.e. words that can be entered by potential patients who are looking for information on the Internet. This is of great importance for the positioning of your website in search results. A dental office website must have two more extremely important features. It must be fast (the content must be visible to the user as quickly as possible after clicking the link) and mobile-friendly (display correctly on phone and tablet screens). These two features are now a must have for all websites that want to enjoy success and a high position in Google. For dental websites, there is no exception. What else can be done when marketing a dental office on a website? There are still plenty of possibilities.

Positioning of a dental clinic website

Website positioning is an aspect of marketing a dental office, whichThe ego cannot be ignored. Without appropriate actions in this regard, the website will probably be indexed (noticed) by Google, but it may only appear in the search results at position no. 101,652. This is definitely too far. For a website to be positioned well, it must contain the appropriate number of key phrases that respond to patient queries.

Example: Search results for the keyword "orthodontic treatment for children"

This is not an easy task because it requires, among others: analyzing the content you already have, asking yourself about patients' expectations and checking the potential of selected key phrases in the search engine, i.e. checking how many user queries appear monthly in Google. It can be assumed that even without such actions, the website will contain some key phrases, but a lucky break is not enough to appear on the first page of Google. SEO activities for dental offices require a specific and consistently applied strategy.

Dental blog

An interesting and necessary solution is running a blog. This is the part of the website that will help you:

  • build the image of the clinic in the eyes of patients
  • increase the range of reaching potential customers who are looking for on the Internet, among others: information related to good habits, prevention and treatment of dental diseases
  • improve the page's position in search results.

A dental blog is a kind of bag for words and keyword phrases. The more aspects related to dentistry you include in your blog articles, the greater the probability that a patient will find you on the Internet. What to blog about? About everything related to your specialization, clinic and the problems of patients you encounter on a daily basis. You can write about interesting cases (of course, maintaining the confidentiality of patients' data), provide advice on prevention, publish news about the life of the office and doctors, reports from conferences, descriptions of new treatment methods and much more.

If you run out of ideas, go to the websites of competing offices. Reaching for the so-called benchmarking is a common marketing practice in many industries.

If the blog entries are up-to-date, unique, substantive and respond to patients' questions and needs, you can only gain from such activities.

Dentist office marketing — other interesting activities

When your ambition is not only to have a high positioning of your office's website, but also to build the image of a modern facility that follows trends, you can do much more. Reach for tools that are close to the young generation of patients.

  • Create a profile for your dental office on social media.

Example: OptimDent Facebook profile

  • Record videos presenting the clinic, guide materials or instructions for patients.

Example: Informational video for parents about Anesthesia at the Wan Clinic

  • Invite patients for a virtual tour of the dental clinic.

Example: Virtual tour of the Cichoń clinic, Aesthetic Implantology and Somatology Center

  • Be available anytime and anywhere thanks to modern communication channels such as chat, e-mail or contact form. After reading this article, you probably already know what you can do to effectively and legally promote your dental practice online in advertising and marketing. Although the best advertising is always the highest quality of services provided, sometimes you need to help yourself and combine efforts in the real world with initiative in the virtual world. So let's get started!

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