SEO activities for a dental clinic

A multi-month project based on appropriate SEO optimization of the website, both in terms of technical and content content, and building domain authority through content activities. As a result of the activities carried out over 12 months, the website achieved an 886% increase in organic traffic and a 1,590% increase in the number of key phrases in the TOP 10 of natural search results.


Dentist Clinic

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SEO & Content Strategy


The clinic has been operating on the local market for many years, but the SEO optimization company was unable to achieve the results expected by the client. Therefore, decisive action had to be taken from the very beginning.


A key element in the success of the entire project was the change of the CMS on which the client's website was based. Building a new website on Wordpress allowed for better and more effective technical and content optimization of the entire dental clinic website. During the construction of the new website, an in-depth keyword analysis was carried out, and then the phrases were assigned to appropriate subpages and sections within the website. In the next step, an important element was to prepare the content of the offer pages, optimal in terms of good SEO practices, which allowed us to achieve top positions for the most important phrases for the client in the following months of the project.

The next stage of the project consisted of content activities, consisting in creating a guide section within the domain. High-quality specialist content, created by the clinic's experts, was successively published here. Thanks to this, the website could start building its authority in natural search results and appear to search engine users for a larger pool of key phrases answering their queries.


  • Number of phrases in TOP3 - 62 ? +6100%
  • Number of phrases in TOP10 - 274  ? +1590%
  • Number of phrases in TOP50 - 1687 ? + 2577%

The chart below shows the number of keywords in the TOP10 of


Increase in the number of organic sessions by? 889% (September 2020 vs September 2019)within 12 months of cooperation