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Prowadzisz sklep internetowy? Zależy Ci na dobrej widoczności w Google i docieraniu do nowych klientów? Trafiłeś w dobre miejsce – kompleksowo zajmę się SEO Twojego biznesu e-commerce, aby mógł się szybciej rozwijać!

Porozmawiajmy o pozycjonowaniu

Online store positioning

E-commerce is one of those areas in which you can really do a lot with the help of SEO. This is primarily due to the fact that online stores have a lot of subpages, so the potential for creating new, valuable materials is practically unlimited.

Think about product tabs. Each such tab (and it is assumed that a medium-sized store has several hundred of them) may consist of:


product descriptionand technical specifications


photosand video materials


linkówinternal and external


opinions and ratings from your customers (so-called user-generated content)

The role of an experienced SEO consultant is to take full advantage of all these opportunities.

Of course, this means a lot of work, but at the same time there is a huge potential for increasing visibility in organic results. There is also the other side of the coin, because the competition in this industry is very high. Poles love online shopping and it is estimated that the value of this market has already exceeded PLN 100 billion. This means that if you want to stand out from the competition, there is a lot of work ahead of us!

If you run an online store and are wondering what you can do to improve its visibility in the search engine — E-commerce SEO is the answer. As a result of my work, your website will gradually build authority and visibility for keywords and phrases that are important to you. Hence, it is a simple way to attract new customers looking for the goods you offer.

Important factors in e-commerce SEO

I'll say it straight – there are really a lot of them. It all starts with an audit and work on the code, structure and operation of your website

Another important issue is SEO-optimized texts. First of all, we must ensure appropriate descriptions of all products in your offer. Forget about copying descriptions from the manufacturer's website! If you want to outdo your competition, each text must beunique. How about we use AI for this? :) 

Another thing is product photos and video presentations. It is also an important way to build the visibility of your offer.

I always encourage e-commerce business owners to implement UGC, i.e. the already mentioned user-generated content. Opinions and comments from your customers are an endless source of long-tail phrases and new, unique texts. Think of each comment as another brick that creates the SEO building. your store.

If you want to know what else the e-commerce SEO service covers, write to me and find out how I can help you increase the visibility of your store .

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What does the positioning of an online store look like?

The process of positioning an online store is not much different from the positioning of any other website.
The main differences result from the fact that online stores require more work.


Website structure and internal linking

In e-commerce, the problem is often unthought-out category structure.

If you make mistakes at this stage, you can be sure that you are losing a lot to your competition


Organizing the product card

you have to pay attention to each product card separately, which takes a lot of time, especially if there are several hundred or even several thousand of them.

It is important to develop a tab shape that will allow you to use SEO to the maximum, and then adapt each tab to the established form.


Preparing blog entries

The third thing is the blog. E-commerce websites usually have a large space for writing guide and educational entries, which, on the one hand, help customers choose the right product, and on the other hand, they build authority in Google.

I will help you plan entries on your blog and optimize them for SEO so that each entry "works" on your image in the eyes of search engine bots.


Preparing links

The last thing that requires attention is the link profile. E-commerce websites have a lot of scope when it comes to both internal links (linking between products, product recommendations or category pages) and external links (websites of manufacturers and external service providers, sponsored and non-sponsored articles). only).

Take care of the positioning of your online store!

You may have heard that SEO is a long-term investment. This is true, especially in the case of e-commerce. However, once you achieve the desired position, your store's traffic may exceed your wildest expectations.

Is it worth waiting a few months for it? In my opinion, yes! Especially since the first results will be visible even faster.

Tools I work with:


Google Search Console Senuto SEO Station ahrefs

What does website positioning look like in practice?

You already know what I do. Now I will show you what my work looks like from A to Z. Generally speaking, activities related to the positioning of a given website can be divided into four key stages:

Stage 1:

SEO audit

Before I can start implementing an SEO campaign for your online store, I must be sure that your store is prepared in a way that is optimal for Google's robots.In In the SEO auction I check, among others:

  • possible errorsresulting from suboptimal website structure
  • optimization possibilities of code and texts
  • adaptation to Google requirements (site loading time, compliance with core web vitals requirements, friendliness for mobile devices, etc.),
  • your company's business environment, including actions taken by competitors.

For this purpose, I use many tools and, of course, my own knowledge. Such an audit usually lasts 30 days

Stage 2:

Keywords and phrases

The selection of appropriate words and keyword phrases is a key element of every SEO campaign, also in the case of online stores. Tools such as SEMruch, Ahrefs, Senuto help me analyze keywords. Based on this, I am able to determine what keywords are important for your website and what their potential is.

Based on them, I help you optimize the category structure and other subpages on the website.


Stage 3:

Website optimization

Stage 3 includes implementing the audit recommendations. At this stage you need to be most committed.

Here, the key elements are optimizing the website code, improving the loading speed, verifying whether the website works well in the mobile version (RWD), whether it meets the core web vitals requirements, etc. If we manage to fully optimize your store at the very beginning of the project, half of the success will be behind us. 

Stage 4:

Content creation and link acquisition

Stage 4 includes the development of content within your website and the constant process of acquiring external links.

Every month we plan together the content that should be published on your blog and which sections of the website we care about most when it comes to promoting them.

Supported technologies

I have experience in working with various CMSs supporting online stores, including individual systems.


Drupal positioning


Ebexo positioning


GOshop positioning


IDOSell positioning


Magento positioning


OpenCart positioning


OSCommerce positioning

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SEO e-commerce for industries

Over the last dozen or so years of working in SEO, I have had the opportunity to work with e-commerce companies from virtually every industry. From small e-commerce to the largest brands on the market. Check what topics I can help you with.


SEO for the IT


SEO for the cosmetics


SEO for the ECO


SEO for the fitness


SEO for the clothing


SEO for the footwear


SEO for the children


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The cost of positioning an online store may vary depending on many factors, such as market competition, keywords for which you want to be positioned, and the scope of work that is to be performed.


There is no clear answer to this question, but it can be said that the costs may range from several thousand to several dozen thousand zlotys per month, depending on the scope of activities and the specificity of the project. It is worth remembering that positioning is a long-term process that requires regular work and monitoring, and costs may change depending on needs and changing market conditions.

The length of the online store positioning process depends on many factors, such as the competitiveness of the industry, the store's current positions in search results, the quality of the website, the quality of the content on the website and many other factors.

Depending on the specific situation, positioning an online store may take from several months to even several years. It is important to remember that positioning is a continuous process that requires constant monitoring and adaptation of activities to changing market conditions.

It is also worth remembering that positioning results do not appear immediately, but gradually improve over time. Therefore, if you want to achieve high positions in search results, you should start working as early as possible and continue working on positioning for a long time.

The time it takes to notice the first effects of online store positioning depends on many factors, such as the competitiveness of the industry, the current position of the store in search results, the quality of the website, the quality of the content on the website and many others.

In the case of more competitive industries, the effects of positioning may appear only after several months or even half a year of work. In less competitive industries, you can notice the first effects of positioning after just a few weeks.

However, it is important to remember that positioning is a long-term process that requires constant work and monitoring, and the positioning effects will gradually improve over time. Therefore, if you want to achieve high positions in search results, you should start working as early as possible and continue working on positioning for a long time.