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Are you looking for opportunities to promote your company in the Google search engine? Are you wondering if SEO services are a good choice?

I invite you to read further — I will tell you how SEO/positioning works and can translate into the growth of your business.

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What is website positioning

Website positioning, also often referred to as SEO services, involves building good visibility of your website in search engines (primarily Google) for selected keywords (queries entered by your potential customers in the search engine).

Website positioning includes both internal activities (creating new content, optimization of existing content, website code optimization) and external activities (publishing content on other websites, link building)< /strong>. The goal of all these activities is for Google bots to recognize your website as:

  • valuable from the reader's point of view,
  • answering questionsthat Google users ask
  • unique (no plagiarism or copy-pasting from other sites),
  • recommendable to other users.

Such websites are displayed high in search results (SERP) and are therefore eagerly visited by users. According to data from mid-2020, websites occupying the first 3 positions in search results are the most popular:

Google CTR Per Ranking

The chart shows that the first result has a CTR (click-through rate) of almost 30%. This means that approximately every third personwho will see your website in the SERP will click on your link.

Therefore, when talking about SEO activities/positioning, we want your website to be on the first page of search results for as many keywords as possible.

Who should be interested in SEO services?

It would probably be easiest to write “every”, but the correct answer is – anyone who wants to increase the number of traffic on their website, business inquiries and the number of sales. Regardless of whether you operate in the B2B or B2C industry, SEO will help you attract more people interested in your products or services to your website.

You can count on my help, especially if you operate in the following sectors






Accounting and finance







Each of these industries is competitive. At the same time, each of these industries has huge growth potential and does not complain about the lack of traffic. If you want to learn more, click on the sector you are interested in.

And if you haven't found your field here — just write to me! In response, I will explain how I can help you.

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Why is SEO important?

If I had to answer such a question in one sentence, I would say that SEO helps develop online business and attract new customers, and the effects of implementing this strategy are long-term.< /p>

Pay attention to these few statistics2:


all product queries start with Google (Jumpshot, 2018)


the user in Google limits his/her clicks to the first set of results (SearchEngineLand, 2018)


the respondents look for a local business on Google at least once a month (Safari Digital, 2022).


"local" inquiriesends in purchase (Safari Digital, 2022). Read more about local SEO.

These data clearly show that good visibility on Google directly translates into measurable business results.

See my case studies to see how effective it can be a well-run SEO campaign.

Secondly, positioning in Google is worth your attention for one more reason. SEO gives long-lasting results. In this it beats, for example, advertising on Google. In the case of Google Ads, as soon as the budget runs out, your website is no longer visible — from minute to minute! In the case of SEO,the position you have achieved allows you to stay "high". for a long time

See Case Studies  < /i>

The most important factors affecting positioning

It is said that there are over 200 ranking factors and Google updates them from time to time, but the most important ones have remained unchanged for a long time. They include both internal (onsite) and external (offsite) activities.

Internal activities:

  • Optimization of the website code and adapting it to Google's requirements.
  • Optimization of the way the website works (version for mobile devices, core web vitals).
  • Optimization of contentthat appears on the website (keywords and phrases) and internal linking.
  • Regular creation and publication of new materials (content marketing). Here you will learn how to create SEO-optimized texts.
  • Care for website security (compliance with GDPR requirements, SSL certificate).
  • SXO

External activities:

  • Acquiring links on external websites (link building).
  • Publications on external websites with high authority

What does website positioning look like in practice?

You already know what I do. Now I will show you what my work looks like from A to Z. Generally speaking, activities related to the positioning of a given website can be divided into four key stages:

Stage 1:

SEO audit

Before I can start implementing an SEO campaign, I must carefully analyze your website. In the SEO audit, I take into account, among others:

  • errors resulting from the structure of the website that require repair
  • optimization possibilities of the website code
  • adaptation to Google requirements (site loading time, compliance with core web vitals requirements, friendliness for mobile devices, etc.),
  • your company's business environment, including actions taken by competitors.
  • opportunities offered by the content previously published on the website

For this purpose, I use many tools and, of course, my own knowledge. Such an audit usually lasts30 days

Stage 2:

Keywords and phrases

Choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases is a key element of every SEO campaign. Tools such as SEMruch, Ahrefs, Senuto help me analyze keywords. Based on this, I am able to determine what keywords are important for your website and what their potential is.

I focus not only on basic keywords, but also on the so-called long-tail keywordswhich allows you to reach customers interested in a specific service or product. For example, if you run an online store selling skis and snowboards,instead of focusing on the word "skis". it is worth focusing on positioning the phrase "skis for beginners". or “freestyle snowboards”– this narrows down the number of searches, but at the same time, customers entering such a query are often more willing to make a purchase. Such phrases are alsomuch easier to come up with. on Google

Stage 3:

Website optimization

Stage 3 includes implementing the audit recommendations. At this stage I need to make sure everything works properly from a technical point of view.

Here, the key elements are optimizing the website code, improving the loading speed, verifying whether the website works well in the mobile version (RWD), whether it meets the core web vitals requirements, etc. The further part of optimization also includes texts and other elements (graphics, product pages, ordering process, etc.).

Stage 4:

Content creation and link acquisition

Stage 4 includes building the authority of your domain through activities on external websites and expanding onsite content

Here, it will be crucial to create an appropriate content strategy that will facilitate planning and publishing appropriate content within your website and on external websites. It is through publications with backlinks on other websites that we will be able to increase the authority of your domain

The cost of website positioning depends on many factors, such as the competitiveness of the industry, the scope of work and the specificity of the website. Typically, marketing agencies offer positioning as a monthly subscription. The cost of the monthly subscription depends on the scope of work we develop at the beginning of our cooperation. To a large extent, this scope is the result of your business goals. The final price depends on many factors and is always determined individually for each customer.

The time needed to achieve satisfactory results in website positioning depends on many factors, such as the competitiveness of the industry, the quantity and quality of existing SEO work and the specificity of the website itself. As a rule, the first effects in the form of an increase in organic traffic can be noticed a few months after starting positioning activities. However, to obtain stable and lasting results, positioning usually takes several months and sometimes even several years. However, it is worth remembering that positioning is a continuous process that requires constant monitoring and updating of SEO activities.

If all activities go according to plan, you will see the first SEO results after the first three months.

It's time for your move – take care of the positioning of your website!

I hope I managed to briefly explain what website positioning looks like. It's a long and complex process, but you can trust me if it's done correctly – the effects will be more than satisfactory! Now it's time for you to act. If you want to develop your online business, SEO is the obvious next step.

Write to me today and tell me a little more about your company and expectations. In response, you will receive more information from me and probably a few questions as well. Based on this, it will be easier for me to propose a solution tailored to your needs.